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4 Nativity scenes

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Modern crib
woodcarvings 0960 Modern crib
Krippenställe sortiert
woodcarvings 0960# Krippenställe sortiert
Modern white brown crib
woodcarvings 09601 Modern white brown crib
Modern white natural crib
woodcarvings 09602 Modern white natural crib
Crib for Nativity
woodcarvings 0960F Crib for Nativity
Small crib
woodcarvings 0960K Small crib
Crib Lindau
woodcarvings 0980 Crib Lindau
Crib Ramsau  54x29x27 (Fig.9cm)
woodcarvings 0981 Crib Ramsau 54x29x27 (Fig.9cm)
Crib cm28x16x18 (Fig.7-9cm)
woodcarvings 0982 Crib cm28x16x18 (Fig.7-9cm)
Almhütte cm 45x23x20
woodcarvings 0983 Almhütte cm 45x23x20
Nativity stable Gardena cm 80x40x40
woodcarvings 0984 Nativity stable Gardena cm 80x40x40
Nativity stable Chiemsee
woodcarvings 0985 Nativity stable Chiemsee

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