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Nativity ARAM

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Hl.Familie 4tl. Aram
woodcarvings 210 Hl.Familie 4tl. Aram
St Joseph Aram
woodcarvings 2101 St Joseph Aram
Holy Maria
woodcarvings 2102 Holy Maria
Jesuskind Aram
woodcarvings 2103 Jesuskind Aram
Wiege Aram
woodcarvings 2104 Wiege Aram
3 Hirten Aram
woodcarvings 215 3 Hirten Aram
Hirt mit Schaf Aram
woodcarvings 2151 Hirt mit Schaf Aram
Shepherd standing with sheep Aram
woodcarvings 2152 Shepherd standing with sheep Aram
Young shepherd with stick
woodcarvings 2153 Young shepherd with stick
3 Kings Aram
woodcarvings 220 3 Kings Aram
King in knee Melchior Aram
woodcarvings 2201 King in knee Melchior Aram
Black king Caspar Aram
woodcarvings 2202 Black king Caspar Aram

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