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Handsmoother - Madonna
woodcarvings F101 Handsmoother - Madonna
Handsmoother - Angel
woodcarvings F102 Handsmoother - Angel
Handsmoother - protective cross
woodcarvings F103 Handsmoother - protective cross
Handsmoother - S. Antonio
woodcarvings F104 Handsmoother - S. Antonio
Handsmoother - S. Rita
woodcarvings F105 Handsmoother - S. Rita
Handsmoother - Madonna's Bust
woodcarvings F106 Handsmoother - Madonna's Bust
Handsmoother - S. Cristofero
woodcarvings F107 Handsmoother - S. Cristofero
House blessing Lord bless us
woodcarvings W2001 House blessing Lord bless us
house blessing
woodcarvings W225 house blessing
house blessing
woodcarvings W226 house blessing
Praying Hands
woodcarvings W401 Praying Hands "Dürer" without fund
Praying Hands
woodcarvings W402 Praying Hands "Dürer" with fund

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