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Heart cloud moon in red box

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Aram pan. maple/walnut-Ein Engel wacht
woodcarvings K2411 Aram pan. maple/walnut-Ein Engel wacht
Aram pan. maple/walnut-Kommt ein ...
woodcarvings K2412 Aram pan. maple/walnut-Kommt ein ...
Aram pan. maple/walnut-Lieber Engel
woodcarvings K2413 Aram pan. maple/walnut-Lieber Engel
Aram pan. maple/walnut-Dein Schutzengel
woodcarvings K2414 Aram pan. maple/walnut-Dein Schutzengel
Aram pan. walnut/maple-Heiliger
woodcarvings K2452 Aram pan. walnut/maple- Heiliger
Moon with Angel
woodcarvings KB6101 Moon with Angel "Lieber Gott.." in red box
Moon with Angel
woodcarvings KB6111 Moon with Angel "Angelo biondo" in BOX
Moon with Angel
woodcarvings KB6131 Moon with Angel"Five littele..." in Box
Heart with Angel
woodcarvings KB6201 Heart with Angel "Du bist..." in BOX
Heart with Angel
woodcarvings KB6211 Heart with Angel"Gesú Bambino..."in BOX
Cloud with Angel
woodcarvings KB6301 Cloud with Angel"Lieber Gott.."in Box
Cloud with Angel
woodcarvings KB6311 Cloud with Angel"Angelo di..." in BOX

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