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Prayers with angel of love

Kr.+ Engel Liebe
woodcarvings K5011 Kr.+ Engel Liebe"Wo ich gehe.."
Kr.+ Engel Liebe
woodcarvings K5021 Kr.+ Engel Liebe"Wo ich .."UNTEN
Kr.+ Engel Liebe
woodcarvings K5031 Kr.+ Engel Liebe "Lieber Gott.."
Kr.+Engel Liebe
woodcarvings K5041 Kr.+Engel Liebe "Lieber Engel gute Nacht"
Kr.+Engel Liebe
woodcarvings K5061 Kr.+Engel Liebe "Er begleitet.."
Cr.+ Angelo pregante
woodcarvings K5111 Cr.+ Angelo pregante"Angelo buono.."
Cross with angel of love
woodcarvings K5131 Cross with angel of love

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