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Nativity Bachlechner

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woodcarvings 0910D Crib
Saint Joseph
woodcarvings 0910J Saint Joseph
Saint Maria
woodcarvings 0910M Saint Maria
Angel Gloria
woodcarvings 0911G Angel Gloria
Shepherd with bagpipe
woodcarvings 0915D Shepherd with bagpipe
King in knee
woodcarvings 0920K King in knee "Melchior"
Black king Caspar
woodcarvings 0920M Black king Caspar "Caspar"
White king Balthasar
woodcarvings 0920W White king Balthasar "Balthasar"
Stretched out sheep
woodcarvings 0930A Stretched out sheep
Bleating sheep
woodcarvings 0930B Bleating sheep
Sheep eating right
woodcarvings 0930F Sheep eating right
woodcarvings 0930G Sheep

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