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About CheRegali

The firm and a short story:

Established for 25 years, we continue the wood carving tradition and produce with enthusiasm further. We produce our high quality carvings, which reflect both the traditional and the contemporary, using our original designs and craftsmanship. We create unique collections, wooden figures and if desired, we can create wood carvings to customer specification.

Our Woodcarvings

First we make a drawing, which is used to create a clay model, and then we carve the design in wood. Each sculpture is then hand-painted by gifted artists. Our employees pay painstaking attention to each and every detail

lthe mountains of South Tyrol

In the mountains of South Tyrol, wood takes on the form of dreams. Our hand-carved figurines come from Val Gardena –South Tyrol, where the forest is alive and wood is formed into artful carvings. Thus a unique wooden figure is shaped, which can be given as a gift, collected, or just to fall in love with! Our valuable wooden figures can serve as souvenirs of many events, like weddings, baptisms, communion, confirmation, name days, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas.