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Nativity scenes

The tradition of statues of the Nativity scenes of Val Gardena

Nativity scenes represent Christ’s birth and the tradition of exhibiting them dates back to the Middle Ages. This tradition has been passed on over the centuries, and today the nativity figurines are exhibited all over the world, particularly, but not only, during the Christmas period. Thus, it can be considered a really important custom.

Nativity scenes can assume a great variety of form

Rudolf Wooden Nativity SceneNativity scenes can assume a great variety of forms, and a wide range of materials can be used by the artisans to create them. Generally, the classic nativity scene presents infant Christ, Holy Mother Mary, Holy Father Joseph, the Magi, the donkey and the ox, angels, shepherds, sheep and goats. Every character is positioned inside or in the nearby of a stable, and so the scene of Christ’s birth, described in the gospels, is reproduced. This being said, anyone can let his or her fantasy free and place the characters in different scenarios such as a cave, a starry landscape, a desert…in art everything is licit.

Throughout time, nativity scenes have acquired more and more importance and prestige, becoming an important symbol in our society. To prove their importance, we can mention the fact that associations, that have the aim of preserving the nativity scene tradition, have been founded worldwide. In Italy the association "Amici del Presepe" (nativity scene’s friends) is committed in guarding its value, even publishing a dedicated magazine. Further information can be read on

Rudolf Wooden Nativity Scene

Rudolf wooden cribOur Rudolf nativity scene is characterized by linear shapes and a modern touch. Throughout time we created a very modern nativity scene employing various drawings and strategies. Today we proudly present 48 different figurines, available in our online shop collection. Among them you find of course the Holy Family (infant Jesus, Holi Mary and Holy Joseph), donkey and ox and the Magi, but also a huge variety of other figurines such as shepherds, sheep, goats, animals and many others. In addition, we offer wide range of stables of any kind.

We created a nativity scene with a contemporary, modern design, without ever distancing ourselves from the tradition. Straight lines provide a simple, elegant touch, which is clearly visible, for example, in the figurines’ facial expressions, or in the shepherds’ and animals’ pose. Every single figure tells a story. In fact, every single sculpture has been deeply examined in all its details to guarantee a high quality product that remains faithful to Val Gardena’s woodcarving tradition. What’s more, every year we expand our collection by adding new figurines, so that we can satisfy even the most enthusiastic collectors.

Rudolf nativity scene: measures and specific requests

Rudolf nativity scene: measures and specific requestsRudolf nativity scene is available in different sizes and finishings. It is available in 9, 12, 15 and 38 cm. Size 9, 12 and 15 cm normally come in maple wood, while limewood or pine are usually used for the bigger figurines.

What all figurines have in common is that they are produced in series. Our professional craftsmen use a bronze model and a pantograph to carve the base shape of the statues. Later the details are hand carved before the sculptures are polished.

Because we are professional artisans, we are able to satisfy many special requests. Would you like a completely hand carved nativity scene with a size of 60 cm? No problem, you just choose the kind of wood that you prefer and we provide high quality, hand carved statues. So our offer is not limited to the collection that you can see in our official catalogue. We encourage our customers to tell us their personal requests in order to offer them better solutions that match with their ideas. So don’t hesitate to ask, we will find the perfect solution for you.

Rudolf nativity scene and its finishings

As far as the finishing of the figurines is concerned, we offer different possibilities. You can choose from our standard varieties (listed below), or let us now your idea of how we should paint the statues. Since the figurines are hand painted, we are open to any special request. Normally, the statues of the nativity scene are available in “natural”, “stained”, “coloured” or “decorated with gold”.

Decorated with goldWhat do these terms mean?

  • Natural: the wooden sculpture is left bare and not further treated with wax or any other substance; the figurines preserve their natural effect and the grain remains clearly visible
  • Colored: the wooden sculpture is varnished and then painted with oil colours by professional painters
  • Coated: the wooden sculpture is coated with light brown or dark brown water colours; subsequently it is waxed and polished
  • Decorated with gold: : the wooden sculpture is waxed and some details are covered with a light touch of golden paint.

Rudolf nativity scene stables and gothic arches

Rudolf nativity scene stables and gothic archesNativity scenes can be placed in stables or underneath Gothic arches.

We offer a wide range of stables: some are very elaborated and rich of details, some others are quite plain. To perfectly match the stable with the modern design that characterizes our Rudolf nativity scene, we have created a stable that is simple, plain and elegant. However, there is no rule about what stable one should select, so simply have a look at our collection and choose the right one for you according to your intuition and taste. You are free to combine the figurines with any stable of our collection, or just to let us know if you have any special request.

An interesting alternative to the traditional stables is offered by the Gothic arches, which we provide in collaboration with a German company. As the Rudolf nativity scene is an exquisite and elegant artifact it can perfectly be matched with these sophisticated Gothic arches. Just like our figurines, these are high quality products which are even provided with an electric lighting.

For further questions or requests we are available at any time! Simply contact us, because every idea you have today, we can realize for you tomorrow!

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