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Love and passion for our job

Love and passion for our job is the secret to realize your ideas. Do you think you have reached your limit? We will surprise you by offering you interesting SOLUTIONS!


professional craftsmenIf you have a great idea, just put it in our hands. We are professional and technological artisans and will combine your projects with modern designs making them re-flourish through wood. With us everything can become real, you simply have to desire it!

Our traditions have been passed on for 300 years, our quality standards have developed and increased over the last 30 years thanks to the combination of high craftsmanship and the use of the latest technologies.

Do not impose limits to your dreams, play with creativity and feel free to express your secret desires. Your personal idea will be protected and the sculpture we produce for you will certainly remain unique in its kind.

Do you have any ideas? Dreams? Projects? Would you like to give shape to a drawing, a decoration or sculpture? With us everything is possible, because we can offer you all this thanks to our long-lasting tradition and know-how. We are able to make your dream come true.


The works that can be createdWe can create a wide range of products: landscape reliefs, portraits or reliefs of celebrities, diverse sculptures such as bottles, food, tools, decorations, toys and football players. Of course we also carve religious figures like statues of Holy Mary, saints, angels and crucifixes. The list of examples can be endless…


COLLABORATION WITH OUR CUSTOMERSAlong with our artistic knowledge, we offer an ever-available collaboration with our customers, because your confirmation and positive feedback are very important to us. This means that while we design and produce your sculpture, you will be able to follow every production step. You want to know how we do this? Simply by sending the drawing or the photo of the model by email, so that everything can be checked, modified and evaluated. We wait for your confirmation before we go on with the work. All this we offer in order to ensure the best quality and our customers’ satisfaction at any time.



No matter what subject is going to be produced, this is our method.

We proceed systematically following these steps:

The first step is the production of a draft

produce a playdough model

UNIQUE handcrafted woodcarvings

painted with oil or water colours
  1. The first step is the production of a draft. The idea or image that you send us will be drawn on paper, highlighting the details of the sculpture. If you only send us a description of the desired figure instead of a concrete image, we will create several drafts and draw as many details as possible, so that we can meet the most demanding requirements and fully satisfy each customer.

  2. If you like our draft, the next step will be to produce a playdough model (scale: 1/5 of the sculpture’s original real size). The model is created in order to provide a concrete idea of what the outcome will be like. The secret when realizing a plausible and professional playdough model is to faithfully implement all the details portrayed in the drawing.

  3. Once the customer confirms that he is satisfied with the playdough model, it is time to choose the type of wood to realize the project. Most commonly we use basswood to carve the statues, but of course it is possible to request any different variety. As our job requires us to be creative and precise, we insist on satisfying any customers’ special requests.
    Wood is a wonderful, natural material: each piece is different and allows the artists to carve different forms each time. Therefore, during the woodcarving process, it may occur that the sculpture slightly diverges from the original design or model. However. it is often exactly these peculiar differences that are appreciated by our customers, since they make any statue unique and original, and, thus, particularly valuable. Once the base shape is carved, and you confirm that you like it, all the details will be carved and the statue polished and refined.
    These three steps are necessary to create UNIQUE handcrafted woodcarvings. However, the same procedure is followed when we carve the models to be used for the series production. In fact, every article that you can find in our online store has previously been invented, drawn, modelled, refined and then carved. In our collection you can find many figurines that are produced in series, in order to be able to respond to the growing demand, and to offer high quality woodcarvings at a competitive price. For the series production, a bronze model is created, following the above mentioned steps. This is used to produce figurines in scale. It is important to notice, however, that even if the items are mass-produced using pantographs, every single piece is hand refined and hand painted.
    On the other hand, sculptures the are commissioned by our customers are never reproduced and will thus all be unique. The trademark provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano certifies that the woodcarving is entirely handmade.

  4. We also offer painting and gilding. The figurines can be painted with oil or water colours, coated or gilded. To satisfy specific requests, it is possible to gild the statues using real 24K gold leafs. In addition to colouring statues, we can also paint landscapes, furniture, decorations and much more.
    Artistic woodcarving has no limits and this is the major advantage of our job! What are you waiting for? Be part of our adventure!

“I can find no difference between painting and sculpting, apart from the fact that the sculptor carries out his work with greater physical fatigue and the painter with greater mental fatigue." (Leonardo da Vinci)

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