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Val Gardena is surrounded by these magnificent mountains of the Dolomites.

The Dolomites are the best witnesses of our planet’s evolution, as well as the most ancient and sustainable natural gift. Therefore, since 2009 the Dolomites are a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

Val Gardena is surrounded by these magnificent mountains of the Dolomites. Majestic peaks, such as the Sassolungo, the Sella Group or the Odles, as well as the incomparable flora and fauna, make the valley a very popular holiday destination.

Our company is located at the beginning of Val Gardena

Our company is located at the beginning of Val GardenaOur company is located at the beginning of Val Gardena, which consists of three main villages: Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva. The three villages are famous ski resorts, as well as popular destinations for hiking activities in the summer.

Val Gardena can count numerous fans. In fact, to prove its popularity, a Facebook group called “Amici della Val Gardena” (friends of Val Gardena) has been created to gather the most passionate fans. Anyone who would love to share emotions, sunrises, sunsets, or pictures of mountains and landscapes is kindly invited to check out the page.

In addition to being well known for its warm hospitality and its breathtaking landscapes, Val Gardena is also famous for its woodcarving tradition. There are many skilled woodcarvers and the tradition has been passed on since many generations. Up to today these carvers have preserved what has become Val Gardena’s cultural heritage.

Wood carvings from Val Gardena

woodcarvings from Val GardenaOriginally, during the long snowy winters, woodcarvers worked to create toys, tools and various items. These objects were generally sold at the spring markets, securing an additional source of income for the families.

In the meantime, technology developed and thanks to the combination of technology and a great know-how, it was possible to create ever more sophisticated sculptures. The most ancient traditions have found their space alongside the technological innovations. It is only through a perfect interplay between tradition and modern technology that we are able to produce the most amazing high-quality woodcarvings. We firmly believe that everything begins with a thought. So we conceive our work as something that is inspired by nature and the human spirit. Technology is merely a tool that can be used to create something beautiful.


You can gain an insight in the amazing results of our hard work by visiting our online shop

CheregaliThanks to tradition and to our artistic skills, we proudly deliver refined pieces of art, that are processed with great attention to the details. You can gain an insight in the amazing results of our hard work by visiting our photo and video gallery online. Visit our shop and find out more about the collection of high-quality woodcarvings we offer. From Holi Mary statues to the nativity figures, from the angels to the saints, and from the animals to the most modern art works ... we are sure that you will find anything you desire.

For further information about Val Gardena, you can visit the following websites:,, or There you can find information about the weather forecast, popular holiday destinations, alpine guides, hiking, excursions, ski runs, as well as on the availability of hotels, apartments and B&Bs. Get informed on anything you may need to know to fully enjoy a new and unbelievable experience!

In Val Gardena your holiday will be an unforgettable experience. We welcome you!

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